If there is one last piece of advice you could share, what would it be?

What piece of knowledge would you like to tell the world? What message do you want to pass down to future generations?

Mike F. ∞34∞ Do it right the first time, you won't have to do it again

Mwami Nakihimba ∞23∞ Love yourself before going into a relationship

Stef C Bianco ∞27∞ Even when times are tough, practice patience because more often than not, it will work out in your favour

George G Altounjian ∞30∞ Life is short don't make anyone sad

William Lezma ∞27∞ Try not to stress out the things you can't control.

Gaston Calzato ∞27∞ You gotta get some rest overnight to stay productive throughout the day

Cynshine ∞29∞ Always do things that are fun to you and if you have to do things that aren't that fun then make them as fun as possible.

Mikeila ∞27∞ Always be honest

Evan Carmichael ∞21∞ Believe in yourself

Anonymous ∞35∞ Live life fearlessly. Don't worry about the day before or the day after. Only today.

Mike Spadafora ∞35∞ Never give up, always strive to do better

Juan Gabriel Garcia Calzato ∞30∞ Do whatever makes you happy, don't seek the approval of someone else to follow your dream.

Samantha Kampman ∞30∞ Always be true to yourself and trust your gut and never give up on your beliefs. If you've taken the time to work hard on you as a person and listen to understand, your mind & body, Soul or depend on your God religiously, you shall never be failed.

Manny S ∞41∞ Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind.

Sabrina Narvaez ∞26∞ Be in the moment.

Sha Dan ∞24∞ Time; you don’t have it, it doesn’t belong to you.

Leo D ∞8∞ Don’t let your darkness take over your happiness.

Matias Dominguez ∞13∞ Don’t let your weaknesses overcome your strengths.

Mauricio Munna ∞38∞ Live in the moment.

Tatiana Munna ∞32∞ YOLO (You only live once).

Adrian G ∞35∞ Understand the tax laws in your country.

Nane D ∞30∞ Never lose sight of what you want because no matter how many challenges come your way, you are strong enough to face them.

Jorge C ∞34∞ Enjoy life one day at a time.

Mauricio Dimarco ∞27∞ Find what makes you happy and let it take over your life.

Sergio C ∞58∞ When you know you have a problem, ask for help.

Valeria Lopez ∞36∞ Be yourself even when the whole entire world seems different, be sensitive, be kind, be all the things that people may label as "weird" because the world needs more of you. It's through your sensitivity that we learn to connect deeply with others and feel in ways that can help you really help and understand others. We live in a world where being sensitive is labeled as a weakness, it is not, when you master it and use it to your advantage, it's the key to helping humanity and the planet.

Sebastian Gutierrez ∞32∞ Don't focus on the negative things in life or you'll miss out on the positive.

Damian Calzato ∞32∞ Respect everyone, become a lifelong student, dream without limits, expand your imagination, create your ideas.

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